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Sol de Maya
Salsa Habanera

This amazing salsa has fresh habanero chile peppers, that's what gives it the heat and brilliance of the sun in Yucatán. These fresh habaneros, combined with onion, tomato, and citrus give Sol de Maya a unique flavour, paying tribute to the Yucatán tradition, where the food is greatly influenced by the Mayan culture. When it hits your mouth it makes a fiery explosion of flavours and sparks a sensation so delicious, so fresh, so hot, it's difficult to stop eating.

It's at the high end of our heat scale, and our use of fresh habaneros (not dried or powdered) make this a luxurious experience for the salsa aficionado.

Picometro (heat scale): 8.5/10

Size: 355 mL glass bottle

No Preservatives

Shelf-stable (refrigerate after opening)

Gluten status: We don't add any gluten, but it is processed in a facility that also processes flour.

GTIN: 628942150104

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