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Salsa Roja Picante

This tangy red salsa has chile de árbol, tomato, and citrus in an incredibly addictive combination. The chile de árbol and the tomato play together like an angry little chihuahua barking at a big bulldog. It's just a little bit brava - it's Bravita. The flavour is so unique, time after time we watch guests in our restaurant keep eating this salsa, unable to stop.

It goes great on tacos! It's also the perfect dip for tortilla chips! Use it on chicken, fish, burgers, hot dogs, and nachos! Wonderful on pasta, and you can even dip your sliced vegetables or fried foods in it.

Picometro (heat scale): 5/10

Size: 355 mL glass bottle

No Preservatives

Shelf-stable (refrigerate after opening)

Gluten status: We don't add any gluten, but it is processed in a facility that also processes flour.

GTIN: 628942150074

Bravita and Chips 20230126_105816.jpg
Bravita shipment
Bravita bottle white
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